Joan Goodman Scholarships

Two annual scholarships awarded by the Dancesport Canterbury

These scholarships are to ensure the enduring legacy of Joan Goodman who
has served continuously on the committee of this association from 1968 until
her passing in 2005, Joan served on the executive as President for 4 years,
Vice-President for 1 year, Secretary for 25 years and Treasurer for 28 years.


Provide incentive for dancesport couples to join our organisation and
participate in all of our competitions.
Provide funds for our best couples to develop further and take
advantage of advancement opportunities.
Honour the memory of Joan Goodman.


A substantial sum of money (set from year to year based on available funds)
for the purpose of developing our best couples beyond their day to day
dancing schedule. There are two categories:

1. Best couple over the year

2. Most improved couple over the year


To be eligible ALL of the following criteria are required:

Both partners of the team are financial members.
Competed in at least three or ALL of our competitions run under
DNZ rules for the year.
Strong record of graded event participation at our competitions.

Applications must be lodged by eligible members prior to competing in our first
competition. Any applicant may withdraw from the selection process by
notifying the secretary in writing.

Selection Process:

The decision is based on two measures:

1. competition results at our competitions
2. recommendations from a selection panel

A panel of professionals, representative of DanceSport in our region, will be
invited by the committee during the year, to submit recommendations. The
couples recommended for the most improved category are to be based solely
on performance at our competitions. The panellists will be asked to submit a
ranked list of couples for each scholarship category together with short
explanations for their choices.

The final decision is made by the committee at the committee meeting
following our last competition for the year. This will take the form of a short
ranked list for each category. Any committee member with a conflict of interest
will not be allowed to speak or vote, and may be asked to leave for a period.
This will be decided by a majority decision of the committee if necessary.
Recipients from the previous year may be overlooked by the committee.

Recipients will be notified in writing, and asked to sign an acceptance form
containing terms and conditions for the use of the scholarship. If the form is
misplaced another will be sent on request. This signed form must be in the
hands of the secretary within 30 days of the date on the notification letter.
Otherwise an offer will be made to the next on the list.

Use of Funds:

The purpose of the scholarships is to provide funds for couples to expand
their dancesport experience. The funds are to be used towards:

Travel or accommodation expenses for a national title or an
international championship.
Competition dress.
Workshop/Lecture/Tuition fees by a world professional teacher.

Funds are NOT to be used for weekly expenses. All interpretations of
legitimate uses will be determined by the committee.

Money is paid directly to the provider or by reimbursement of expenses. A
legitimate receipt will be required to receive a reimbursement. For a direct
payment you must obtain written confirmation (an email is acceptable) from
the secretary, only then may you instruct the provider to invoice Dancesport

All funds must be used within one year of accepting the scholarship. Any
outstanding funds will be retained by the association.

The funds will be split evenly between the couple. For a Juvenile or Junior
couple the guardians will be responsible for requesting and managing funds.


We extend to you the right to use the title “Joan Goodman Scholar” as a

We request that you acknowledge our association as appropriate. We will
provide our logo on request and will consider reimbursing costs associated
with appending it to items of clothing etc.

You may be asked to provide a summative report suitable for public
consumption, such as our news letter. This should include how the funds
helped improved your development and how you used the funds. The report
may be two individual reports or a combined report. The latter is suitable if the
funds were used as a couple.